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I took up art as a hobby at age 75 years.  In early 2019, I enrolled in a weekend course in watercolour painting at the University of Victoria and then attended a 3-day program in the summer of 2019 at The Society for Pure Watercolour at Windrush, Cotswolds in the UK conducted by Andrew Hucklesby. 

To-date, I have mostly painted places that I have visited and find memorable.   Most of my artwork will reveal the "great outdoors", because that's where i like to be!  You will mostly find landscapes and seascapes on the West Coast of Canada where I live with a few from the UK where I lived until I was 21 years.  
In September 2020, I was accepted into the 100+ year old Victoria Sketch Club (VSC).    One of my watercolour paintings of a salmon stream in Mount Douglas Park is part of the VSC exhibit at BC Government House in Rockland, Victoria during 2022.

50+ paintings are shown on 
Please be welcome to contact me through the CONTACT links.  Thank you.
Current Exhibits 

VSC Exhibit at BC Government House, Rockland, Victoria starting in July 2022
Top 100 in Readers Competition for 40th Issue (Dec 2020-Feb 2021)
of THE ART OF WATERCOLOUR published by DIVERTE Editions,
Naintre, FRANCE
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